I am Maddy McBride, a reader and a writer, in that order. I became a writer when I couldn’t find enough of the kinds of things I liked to read – particularly, historical fiction set in the distant past, especially in places and time periods from which there are few if any written records. I like historical fiction in more recent periods, too – but I (usually) prefer it when it’s about fictional characters, rather than actual historical personages.

Once I started writing, I was hooked – and though I started by writing historical fiction, my writing soon branched out into historical fantasy, and then poetry, and then picture books…and my next project is again something completely different, genre-wise.

I am the worst writer ever, by which I mean I have a hard time sitting down and doing it every day. If you read writing blogs you’ve probably encountered the “you must write something every day” advice. I am, I’ve discovered, totally incapable of following this advice. I either write all the time, or not at all.

By contrast, I’m a pretty good reader: it is rare that a day passes when I don’t read something. These days I’m pretty eclectic in my reading tastes: in addition to the kind of escapist literature I describe above, I read a lot of poetry, picture books, cookbooks, and essay collections. I like mysteries and thrillers too, and I’m especially fond of literature in translation. I read lots of different kinds of non-fiction too, not just cookbooks and essays. I don’t read much horror, romance, or (for lack of a better name) book club fiction, and I don’t read many biographies – but those aren’t hard-and-fast rules. If something in those genres catches my eye, I’ll read it!

Mostly, I guess, I just like reading. I mostly write about my fiction reading here, but sometimes other things will come in. Once in a while I am asked to review something, and I love to do this if my schedule allows. If you would like me to review, please feel free to contact me at maddyjmcbride at gmail.com.

I hope you find my musings on writing, reading, and other subjects of interest. Thanks for visiting!

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